• Karen Voight: Firm Arms and Abs (2007)

    Entertaining Fitness Inc. / Karen Voight

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  • Description

    This 40-minute strength training workout is perfect if you want to pay special attention to sculpting your arms and shoulders and slimming your midsection.    Create a well-proportioned upper body by training with 3-5 lb. dumbbells, then tighten and flatten your abdominals with a series of challenging and effective exercises all done on a step bench.    In this routine you'll concentrate on slow, controlled movements with a full range of motion. Instead of endless repetitions, get exercises that are specific and efficient.    Follow this approach and soon your body will take on new, slimmer proportions.   WORKOUT TYPE: STRENGTH  - Builds lean, strong muscles  - Increases strength for everyday activities  - Boosts metabolism   Tools Needed:  A 43 " Step or stable 4 – 8 " platform, 2 – 5 lb. hand weights

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