• Karen Voight Sleek Essentials II DVD

    Entertaining Fitness Inc. / Karen Voight

  • $23.94

  • Description

    Due to the success of Sleek Essential 3 DVD set, Karen has added another DVD to this breakthrough fitness system to streamline your workout and deliver fast results. It contains all new footage, not available on Karen's other workouts.
    Integrate fat-blasting, muscle-toning and lengthening into one synergistic program to achieve a lean, sculpted, sleek body.
    The Complete Sleek Workout offers 5 ways to get fit:
    1. The Complete Sleek 50 min. workout- Maximize workout time and accelerate your results by combining cardio moves with muscle strengthening and stretching.
    2. Sweat Effect 20 min. workout - Focus on high energy moves for maximum calorie burn to get you lean and defined.
    3. Strength Effect 20 min. workout - Focus on sculpting and strengthening to create long, shapely muscles.
    4. Sleek Effect 20 min. workout - Focus on body conditioning and lengthening exercises to develop a firm and flexible body.
    5. Foam Roller 20 min. workout - Focus on core and balance training to make traditional exercises more challenging and effective.

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