• Karen Voight - Sleek Physique (1998)

    Entertaining Fitness Inc. / Karen Voight

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    This half-hour-a-day, weeklong exercise program is rigorous but repetitive. Exercise expert Karen Voight has devised a workout plan for Monday through Sunday, mixing up cardio, strength training, and yoga, and allowing the different muscles to rest in between. So on Monday viewers start with the cardio/lower-body work segment, on Tuesday move on to yoga and overall strength training. However, Wednesday is a repeat of Monday's cardio segment, Thursday duplicates earlier strength training routines, etc. Voight's moves are fresh: she adds a dash of ballet from her dancing days, employs yoga's underused upward dog, and pushes balancing exercises. Intermediate and advanced exercisers will work up a sweat but might quickly grow bored of reruns. However, viewers won't tire of Voight's calm but friendly approach; she inspires while avoiding the false cheerleading used by so many instructors. Equipment needed: yoga mat and blocks, 5- to 8-pound weights, and an exercise band.  --Kimberly Heinrichs 
           Now it’s easy to lift weights, do low-impact cardio and practice yoga with this personalized cross-training program mapped out for your whole week. At the push of a button, get a different 30-minute workout each day to keep it interesting and fresh. With the convenience of this daily schedule, you’ll have no excuse to skip your workouts and you’ll never work the same muscles two days in a row.

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