• Karen Voight: Slim Toning on a Ball (2007)

    Entertaining Fitness Inc. / Karen Voight

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  • Description

    Incorporate weight training with pilates inspired sculpting moves and yoga stretches to quickly see your body get slim, strong and defined. Speed up your metabolism as you sculpt and stretch your muscles using a stability ball and 3-8 lb dumbbells.    In this 30 min. routine you'll achieve strength without developing bulky muscles with Karen’s new approach to strength and stability training. Some exercises are done sitting on the stability ball, other exercises place the ball in various positions to help you target several muscles at once.   Shape your arms, slim your midsection, thin down your thighs and tighten up your tush with Karen’s detailed instruction to make each exercise effective and efficient.    WORKOUT TYPE: STRENGTH  • Builds lean, strong muscles  • Increases strength for everyday activities  • Boosts metabolism      • Slow, controlled moves, usually using resistance. Includes Pilates and weight training.  •  Tools Needed:   dumbbells & stability ball

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