• Karen Voight - Streamline Fitness (A.M./P.M. Workout)

    Entertaining Fitness Inc. / Karen Voight

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  • Description

    Begin and end the day with these two condensed workouts, one designed to energize and the other to de-stress and stretch. Instructor Karen Voight has an amazingly sculpted body--just try to pry your eyes from her abs, shoulders, or thighs. The 25-minute A.M. Workout starts with a rhythmic warm-up that readies your muscles and raises your heart rate, followed by a full-body, muscle-conditioning series using light weights or weighted balls. It's impressive how many muscle groups are worked in Voight's superbly designed, nonstop sequence of moves and combinations--some coordination required. The P.M. Workout starts with a strong ab routine and some push-ups, followed by a long, slow-paced yoga routine to stretch your muscles and calm your mind. This is an excellent set of workouts, marred only slightly by the overdone draped background, which is distracting. Highly recommended for busy exercisers who want to pack a lot into a half-hour.  --Joan Price 

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