• Karma Kit

    Karuna Skincare

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    Use a different mask each week to treat your skin to the positive karma it deserves. This kit contains one exfoliating mask, one hydrating mask, one antioxidant mask and one anti-aging mask. All Karuna Masks contain a custom blended beauty boost. Plant extracts, peptides and antioxidants come together to renew, hydrate and nourish, bringing care and compassion to all skin types.    Kit Includes:  Hydrating Mask, 0.95oz  Replenish moisture loss and boost dull, tired skin with Karuna Hydrating Masks. Natto, a Japanese Soybean, helps to retain skin's natural moisture levels as it exfoliates to reboost dehydrated and dull skin.    Exfoliating Mask, 0.95oz  Lemon's natural citric acid helps to exfoliate to reveal healthy skin, while Pineapple Extract hydrates and works to improve elasticity. This exfoliating process encourages cell turnover, improving skin tone and texture.    Antioxidant Mask, 0.95oz  Chinese Green Tea and African Chrysanthellis form a free-radical scavenging shield to protect skin from environmental elements and help slow the aging process.    Age-Defying Mask, 0.95oz  Revive and bring vitality back into your skin. Wild Yam helps improve skin circulation by increasing collagen renewal and Elderberry Extracts work to improve elasticity for more youthful skin.

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