• Keep Your Piece - DVD and Workbook Set

    Paladin Press

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    If you're betting your life on a weapon retention plan that asks you to make a series of split-second decisions under duress and is dependent on remembering a specific counter for a specific angle of attack, you could be making a fatal mistake. You need instinctive, easily remembered techniques that work quickly using your natural body mechanics when an attacker makes his move. 
    In this DVD and workbook set, WARTAC founders Rich Nance and David Hallford, along with WARTAC instructor and SWAT officer Aaron Peachman, show you their universal retention techniques designed to safeguard the gun in your hand, the gun in your holster or the gun on your shoulder. They teach using a commonality of techniques, ensuring that you will be able to instinctively and effectively protect your firearm under any circumstance. 
    Whether you're a police officer carrying a firearm on the job or a legally armed civilian carrying one for personal protection, you need to learn this rock-solid retention system.

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