• Keepers of the Flame

    Red Wheel/ Samuel Weiser/Conari

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    Many Traditional Witches have deliberately avoided all the fanfare and media hype that some who call themselves witches seem to covet.  Some have preferred to remain anonymous, quietly practicing their Craft and passing on the Traditions to their students.  These Elders are growing older and the torches are being passed to a new generation.  This book is not  about  the Elders; it is about their Traditions, their opinions, views, comments and ideas of what the Craft was, what it is today, and what they think it will be in the future.
           Morganna Davies is an Alexandrian High Princess. A Craft practitioner for 30 years, notable university lecturer and member of an early coven, founder of Keepers of the Ancient Mysteries, Morganna is also a Reiki Master, flower essence therapist and storyteller. Morganna lives and teaches in New England and is High Priestess of Phoenix Rising Coven.

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