• Kerr AC-04 Adapter

    Smart Caregiver Corp

  • $15.99

  • Description

    12 volt AC Adapter works with Smart Caregiver Cordless Alarm Monitor 433-EC and Motion Sensors 433-MS and TL-5102MP. (433-EC sold as part of packages "Wireless (Cordfree) Bed Alarm and Bed Pad/no Alarm in Patient's Room", "Cordless, Wireless Alarm With Both bed & Chair Pads (No alarm in patient's room)", "Smart Caregiver Economy Wireless Monitor & Motion Sensor", "Cordless Floor Mat (No Alarm in Patient's Room)", "Motion Sensor with Remote Alarm", "Call Button & Remote Alarm", and "Cordless, Wireless Bed Alarm Alert System - No Alarm in Patient's Room", among others). Contact seller if you are not sure this is the correct AC for your products.

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