• Kettlebell Abs, Back & Core

    Steve Maxwell

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    "Kettlebells" and "Core Training" are two the hottest trends in fitness today. In this DVD Strength and Conditioning expert Steve Maxwell gets you ready with 13 Kettlebell/Core movements that will build your core into a generator of raw power and then link it to your limbs, converting that raw power into excellence in Sports Performance.  
    All athletic power is generated by the core. Then, the power generated within the core must somehow be delivered by the arms and legs. This means that any good core training program must include movements that not only develop in the core, but also strengthen the core in its function as a stabilizer. Then the power can be connected to the arms and legs in a way that gives structural integrity to this entire supply chain, maximizing your power and minimizing the potential for injury.  
    If you've ever seen Steve Maxwell at work, in person, or in a video, chances are you remember the moment you realized why he is so highly sought after as a strength and conditioning coach. You remember the wonder of discovering the depth of his knowledge and the scope of his talent, and the excitement of watching him tweak familiar movements into new variations, putting it all together in a manner that refreshed your desire to train hard. Look forward to that same feeling of excitement as you watch  Kettlebell Abs, Back and Core.

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