• Kettlebell Warrior: Applied Combat Kettlebells for Maximum Martial Power

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    The Ultimate System of Kettlebell Combat Application Secrets for Martial Artists, Combat Personnel, and High Risk Tactical Operators 
    The history of the modern kettlebell movement-as spearheaded by the RKC and HardStyle-has been one of constant, dynamic evolution. Masters and innovators from numerous disciplines have poured their expertise into the RKC crucible and the result has been a staggering array of interlinking and complementary practices that have changed the lives of hundreds of thousands over the last decade. 
    One of the greatest of these HardStyle champions has been Chinese martial artist and clinician, Dr. Mark Cheng. Now a Senior RKC, Dr. Cheng has been a passionate, tireless and brilliant flag bearer whose contributions have buttressed and reinforced our evolving School of Strength. 
    Dr. Cheng's masterly Kettlebell Warrior represents the most comprehensive attempt yet to illustrate how Pavel's Naked Warrior and HardStyle training concepts can contribute magnificently to the skill and proficiency of ANY fighter-be it a classical practitioner of the Asian martial arts, an MMA contender, or an operator whose very life can depend on his martial prowess. 
    Sometimes some of the most powerful contributions to a body of knowledge have taken years to be finally revealed. Originally shot in 2009, both Dr. Cheng and the RKC have evolved yet again.   The contents of Kettlebell Warrior represent a treasure trove of training secrets that will stand the test of time.
    Kettlebell Warrior is destined to become one of the primary go-to-references for anyone remotely serious about boosting their martial power and refining their fighting skills.

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