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    It's a fact that the American society as a whole has poor posture and weak backsides. We sit and work at our computers, drive behind the wheel, and lounge on the couch. Even kids are playing video games instead of playing outside. Many of us are slumping over with weak glutes and tight hip flexors. The results are aches and poor performance, which hinder our fat loss and strength progress. The beautiful thing about Kettlebell training is that it addresses all of these issues. Kettlebells for the Busy Professional helps you regain primitive movement patterns to feel and perform better. This program builds up cardiovascular endurance and trains the posterior chain, which makes you more mobile, strong and powerful. The icing on the cake is that good practice can take 30 minutes or less only a few times a week! 
    With This Kettlebell Training DVD You Will: 
    * Increase Cardiovascular Health through learning the Kettlebell Swing 
    * Gain REAL Strength by lifting with your entire body instead of isolating muscle groups! 
    * Regain Lost Mobility from sitting at your computer all day week after week with the Turkish Get-up - don't worry, you'll get step-by-step instruction! 
    * Get 2 follow-along training sessions you can do in the comfort of your own home or office and complete in 30 minutes or less! 
    This DVD is appropriate for beginner and intermediate Kettlebell lifters
    With This Kettlebell Training DVD You Will:

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