• KEVA Stunt Derby

    Continuum Games

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    KEVA Stunt Derby Car & Launcher Set. Design it. Launch it. Crash it! Custom-design the included racer with 4 brush-on water-based paints, plus 34 car decals. Then unleash your speedster using the elastic-band launch board. Simply catch the band in the groove on the underside of the car, pull back and let go! Set includes 50 wooden planks to create 4 different course stunts: demolish "The Wall," master "The Straight Shooter," skid to a stop in "The Ricochet" and blast the "Control Tower." Rack up points as listed in the Stunt Guide directions. Includes 46" felt course mat. It's all about fun as kids explore physics, math and problem-solving. For ages 7 and up. Act Now! KEVA Stunt Derby Car & Launcher Set

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