• KEVA Stunt Derby

    Continuum Games

  • $39.99

  • Description

    If your child likes cars and enjoys a challenge, the KEVA Stunt Derby is the perfect source of entertainment. From designing a car to launching and crashing it, this kit has everything.
    To start, design your own custom stunt car. You can mix and match your design from the four included paint colors and 34 car design decals.
    Next, construct the necessary stunts using KEVA planks. No glue or connectors are needed, so each stunt is easy to build and even faster to knock down. When you are ready to race, the elastic band on the launder gives your car super-starting power.
    Points can be obtained by conquering stunts such as The Wall, The Straight Shooter, The Rocket and the Tower Crash. This item is recommended for ages 7 and up.
    Each kit includes one stunt car, one launder, one course mat, four jars of paint, one paint brush, decals, 50 KEVA planks and one stunt guide.

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