• Klean Kanteen Food Canister 8oz

    Liberty Mountain (J,K,L)

  • $15.23

  • Description

    FEATURES of the Klean Kanteen Food Canister Won't keep or impart flavors from previous foods that were in it Leak proof, airtight, and shatterproof with a solid construction, ideal for those moments when your two year old drops one on you ceramic tile floor Design is stackable, giving it a sleek and organized appearance Easily portable for any on the go moment. Stores a heck of a lot of gummy bears. Just saying. The rounded corners make it easy to clean. Square sponge, meet your match. BPA free and eco friendly Having a big mouth on this guy is a good thing, making scooping, filling and pouring super easy Silicone seal locks in freshness and flavor SPECIFICATIONS of the Klean Kanteen Food Canister Single wall canister Both sizes have a lifetime warranty BPA free SPECIFICATIONS of the 8 oz Food Canister 8 oz (237 ml) Weight with lid: 5 oz (142 g) Size with lid: 3.2" (height) x 3.07" (width) (81 mm x 78 mm) Opening diameter: 2.5" (63 mm) SPECIFICATIONS of the 16 oz Food Canister 16 oz (473 ml) Weight with lid: 7.375 oz (209 g) Size with lid: 3.74" (height) x 3.74" (width) (95 mm x 95 mm) Opening diameter: 3.16" (80 mm)

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