Liberty Mountain

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    Helps to alleviate the symptoms of tendonitis, chondromalacia, Osgood-Schlatter�s Disease, and other knee ailments. Provides compression on the patellar tendon to uniformly spread pressure across the tendon, reducing irritation and discomfort. Absorbs stress to the knee and reduces vibrations in the femoral groove; may also help stabilize the patella and improve its tracking.
    Neoprene strap stretches and stays comfortably in place while tubing sewn into the strap provides gentle compression. Strap is easy to adjust and attaches with a Velcro closure. For sizing, measure just below your kneecap:~ Small, 10-12 in.~ Medium, 12 1/8-13 5/8 in.~ Large, 13 3/4-15 1/2 in.~ X-Large, 15 5/8-17 1/2 in..

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