• Kneeling Cushion (11" x 18")

    Fiskars Garden

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  • Description

    The Fiskars 94216974 Large Ultra Light Kneeling Cushion is a light, tough, resilient cushion and a perfect example of how Fiskars puts more thought, more quality and more performance into every item they offer. While most foam cushions collapse with little use and soak up water like a sponge, Fiskars uses durable EVA foam that protects knees from hard, rough, cold or damp surfaces. Plus, it won't absorb moisture, resists rips and withstands abrasions for seasons of comfortable use. Ideal for gardening, it's also handy for refinishing floors, cleaning out the fireplace, organizing under the kitchen sink, and any other job that brings you to your knees. Sized at 11 inches wide by 18 inches long by 3/4-inch thick, it fits handily in a garden tool caddy or hangs neatly on the wall via the convenient carrying handle.
           Our Large Kneeling Cushion is ideal for protecting your knees from rough terrain while gardening. The foam cushion won't absorb water or moisture, so you can hose it off and let it air dry when you're done for the day. Includes a built-in handle for convenient carrying. Measures 11" x 18". Lifetime warranty.

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