• Kneipp - Sensual Seduction Bath


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    ACTIVE HERB: Jasmine Deeply Relaxing - Deeply relaxes the body, creating desirable and romantic moments while boosting confidence. Indulge in this incredibly aromatic and gently foaming Kneipp Sensual Seduction Bath, containing exotic Jasmine Extract and nourishing Sweet Almond Oil. The natural aromatherapeutic effect of Jasmine is known to deeply relax the body, creating desirable and romantic moments, while melting away any negative feelings. Sweet Almond Oil intensely hydrates and leaves skin feeling soft and smooth. Usage: Fill tub, add 1 capful of Kneipp Sensual Seduction Bath and mix gently. Rinse cap after use. For Approx. 10 baths. Water temperature should be between 97-100F and bathing time should not exceed 15-20 minutes. [KN6722]

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