• Kong Frog Puzzle Toy, Green

    Gralen Company

  • $19.70

  • Description

    KONG Active Puzzle Cat Toy The KONG Active promotes healthy exercise while fulfilling your cat's instinctual desires to chase, hunt, and capture. Molded into adorable frog and mouse shape, the KONG Cat Puzzle's challenging course creates exciting games of bat-an-chase while the bell sounds entice your cat even more. Features: Adorable frog and mouse shape Provides healthy exercise for your cat to bat-in-chase Promotes chasing, hunting and capturing in a fun safe way Irresistible bell sound encourages active play Spinning eyes for added fun Item Specifications: Type: Frog: (15.8" x 9.8" x 3.0") Model Number: CA57 Mouse: (21.8" x 12.3" x 3.0") Model Number: CA58

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