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    The Korg AW-2+ offers convenient clip-on tuning for players of transposing instruments. Providing an articulate mounting system, an adjustable display angle, a built-in backlight for visibility, a great fit on nearly any instrument, the AW2+ delivers highly accurate, stress-free tuning in any situation. The AW-2+ clip-on orchestral tuner is the ultimate tuner for the band or orchestral musician.  Many orchestral instruments do not sound in the concert key; these are called transposing instruments. The unique Transpose feature of the AW-2+ lets players of transposing instruments transpose the tuner response as well, allowing these instruments to be quickly tuned in their respective keys. Pressing the Trans button will cycle through the transpose choices; F ? B? ?E? ? C (C = not transposed/concert key).  Light is also key.  The amount of light available to a performer varies greatly. Dim locations such as a stage or orchestra pit, glaring outdoor sunlight, evening dusk, or night-time illumination are often far from ideal. The AW-2+'s backlit meter provides three illumination modes: Off for brightly-lit locations, Soft mode for somewhat dim locations where you want to conserve battery power, and Auto for bright illumination in locations of poor visibility. This ensures that you'll be able to tune perfectly under any conditions. In addition, Auto mode automatically switches to the lower brightness of the Soft mode when there has been no sound input or button operation for approximately ten seconds, preventing unnecessary battery consumption. Attention has been paid to numerous details to ensure ideal tuning, such as a large display font and a meter that clearly indicates the pitch discrepancy.

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