• KUKUIae Oil -Paradise fragrance (4 oz.)

    Oils of Aloha

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  • Description

    Pure Kukui nut Oil with Paradise Fragrance is a delicate Hawaiian floral scent. Add a few drops to your hot bath water for a special relaxing treat. Hundreds of years ago Hawaiians discovered that when the shells were removed from Kukui nuts and the kernels lightly roasted a clear oil could be pressed out. This was an excellent penetrating oil that when smoothed on the skin soothed and softened sunburns and irritations. New born babies were bathed in this easily absorbed oil. This unique oil quickly penetrates even the driest skin to deliver moisture and improve texture. Kukui nut oil creates a protective shield without clogging pores, while it locks in moisture. Kukui nut oil is readily absorbed by the skin providing tissues essential elements. Kukui oil is particularly good for dry skin, psoriasis, acne and eczema.

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