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    The Lamy Accent 3 Palladium Ballpoint Pen. All in one: Ballpoint pen, Mechanical pencil, Marker and Touch screen pen. As practical as it's good looking. The LAMY 4pen takes care of all your writing needs. Why choose one when you can have it all ?

    Fitted with ballpoint refill LAMY M 21 black, pencil lead 0.7 mm (LAMY M 40) HB, marker refill LAMY M 55 and touch screen refill LAMY M 70. With system identification and LAMY Z 15 builtin eraser underneath the removable button.

  • Palladium finish with interchangeable grip section: india rubber.
  • 4x1 - fitted with M21 ballpoint refill, 0.7 mm pencil lead, M55 marker refill, M70 touch screen refill and Z15 eraser.
  • 3X1 - fitted with black, blue and red M21 ballpoint refill, 0.7 mm pencil lead, and Z15 eraser.

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    • Genuine Product from Lamy. Buy from Authorized Major dealer Only, with confidence.
    • Brand New Product. Guaranteed for quality.

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