• Large Capacity Tip Sampler (4-pack)

    Diamond Tech Crafts

  • $31.41

  • Description

    Tips work in conjunction with the Powder Vibe (item #91605) to precisely draw and write on glass with no mess. Try 4 different tip shapes in one convenient pack to broaden your design options. Each brass tip features a quick-change magnetic base. To fill tips, separate the tube, cover the tip, fill with powder and slide the cap on. Contains one each: large capacity original tip, slim fan tip, midsize fan tip and grande fan tip. Powder Vibe sold separately. Note: Original Tip and Slim Fan Tip are designed for enamels and powdered frit and will not work with fine frit or larger particles. Midsize Fan Tip can be used with powders and fine frit. Grande Fan Tip can be used with medium frit. Tip: Store filled powder vibe tip assemblies in a location with low humidity to prevent powder from compacting. Tips stored in high humidity may not allow smooth flow of powders during application.

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