• Large Puzzle Octagon

    Grimms Spiel and Holz Design

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    At nearly 12 inches across, this colorful geometric block puzzle is Grimm's largest Octagon. It's a free-form puzzle for making your own creations and can also be used for 3 dimensional building. Comprised of 72 isosceles triangle-shaped blocks in nine vibrant colors. Each triangle is 4 cm (about 1.6 in) thick making them useful for create endless patterns & designs either inside or outside the thick wooden storage frame. This beautiful set will encourage the feeling for colors & shapes, plus three-dimensional and spatial thinking.
    This puzzle will visually and mentally stimulate both adults and children (ideally from about age 4 years & up).  The design and bold colors will fire your child's imagination and creativity, allowing them to immerse themselves in creative thinking and deep play. The surprising thickness of the blocks at 4 cm means they are compatible with other "4x4" building sets from Grimm's. Sharp edges and corners removed.
    About Grimm's:Inspired by the educational philosophies of Rudolf Steiner (aka "Waldorf" education), Grimm's is about the rainbow, happy colors, creativity, and the imagination. Parents love Grimm's toys because designs by this German company advance creativity, leaving room for independent play. Grimm's toys support holistic sensory perception & development, stimulate a harmonic color sense, plus they are long-lasting and ageless in design. Lovingly hand finished with non-toxic and water based stains (no varnish or lacquer) by a specialist team in Germany, the puzzles, building sets, and toys are gorgeous, and also work as décor pieces for a beautiful home. There are no instructions, and you can do no wrong with a Grimm's toy. Just play, learn, and enjoy.
    NOTE: You may notice some color transference on the wood. This is not considered a defect as the blocks are unlacquered to preserve the natural feel of the wood. Unlacquered blocks are easier to build with as they are less likely to slip.

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