• Large Quilted Fabric Hammock - Beaches Stripe

    The Hammock Source

  • $299.99

  • Description

    Stretch out in a hammock within sight of the ocean as the day is winding down, with a soft salt breeze dancing over you and the muted roar of surf rolling in your ears, and you're guaranteed to become completely worthless for a while. Relaxation doesn't come much better than that. But for most of us, such blessed beachfront visits are way too few and far between. And in the absence of surf and sand itself, we crave some way to capture even a hint of that pleasing seaside peace as we're mired in the doldrums of daily life back home. Yet to catch a glimpse of our Beaches Large Quilted Hammock through your kitchen window on a breezy day is to get a flickering sense of that beloved ocean. The bright striped design recalls the shifting light playing across the surface of the shallows, dark, then light, then blue, then green, with the hammock's natural sway hinting at the ebb and flow of tides. While we can't bring the actual coast to you, this lovely hammock may help convince you that you've just drawn a welcome whiff of delicious salt air right there in our own back yard.

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