• Late Blight and the Irish Potato Famine

    American Phytopathological Society (APS)

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    Designed for college and advanced high school students, this 25-minute DVD examines the interactions of biological and social factors during the Irish Potato Famine, which started in 1845 as a result of a potato disease epidemic. Included is a brief instructor's guide that offers an overview of the video material, sample questions to stimulate class discussion, a glossary, illustrations of two key concepts, and a list of literature references. Teaching Objectives:  -- Demonstrate the importance of food production in daily life, and to show what can happen when something goes wrong.  -- Explain the "disease pyramid"-the concept that diseases often result from interactions among a susceptible host, a virulent pathogen, and a favorable environment over a proper amount of time.  -- Introduce the structures and life cycle of a plant pathogenic fungus.  -- Impart an understanding of social and political factors that affect the production and distribution of food.

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