• Lauren Brooks Kettlebell Workshop with Z-Health DVD (2010)

    On The Edge Fitness

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  • Description

    Are you ready to revamp your training? Whether you are a beginner or an advanced kettlebell user, you will benefit tremendously from this DVD. Lauren and Sara will show you how to improve your technique, increase your strength, and prevent injuries all with their fun, clear and non-intimidating approach. You will be given the tools to achieve incredible power for quicker fat loss during all your workouts. The perfect compliment and must have for your kettlebell DVD collection.
    - Invigorating & extended Joint Mobility section using Z-Health principles
    - Two Intense Follow Along Workouts  (written as well for your convenience to take with you)
    - Complex drills and topics that are easy to digest
    - Tip pages highlighting the must-knows for each drill
    - Bonus section on training during pregnancy
    - Easy Navigation Features and Chaptering on both discs
    - Snatches
    - Bottoms Up Clean and Press
    - Renegade Rows
    - Alternating Double Cleans
    - Double Snatches
    - Double High Pulls
    - Turkish Get Ups
    - Windmills and many more...

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