• Lauren Brooks' The Ultimate Body Sculpt and Conditioning with Kettlebells Volume 3

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    The Ultimate Body Sculpt and Conditioning Volume 1 got your heart pounding and left you completely drenched.  Volume 2 fired up muscles you never knew you had and smoked your entire body from head to toe (in a good way).  Now it's time to take your training to a whole new level.  By doubling up your kettlebells and adding some suspension training you will reach a new pinnacle of power and strength.  The workouts on this DVD will provide you with the necessary tools to become leaner and stronger.  What do all of Lauren's DVD's have in common?  They will all help turn you into an explosive fat burning machine and they never get old.
    - Over 23 kettlebell and suspension training exercises 
    - 3 Follow Along Workouts
    - 1 small bonus section
    - Modifications for different fitness levels
    - Joint Mobility
    - Motivating workout Music throughout
    - Easy navigation and skip features (chaptering throughout the workouts, per request) 
    - Renegade Rows 
    - Double Floor Press 
    - See Saw Floor Press 
    - See Saw Press 
    - Sumo Squat Thrusts 
    - Double Kettlebell Snatches
    - Double Waiter Walks
    - Double Military Press
    - Kettlebell Push Ups
    - Double Windmills 
    - TRX Single Leg Squat 
    - Body Rows 
    - Suspended Lunge with a kettlebell 
    - Double Kettlebell Swings 
    - Double High Pulls
    - Double Front Squats
    - Double Alternating Cleans
    - Suspended Roll Out

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