• Lavender San Diego Bebe Twin

    Double Blessings

  • $69.99

  • Description

    This pillow is the reason I was able to successfully breastfeed triplets! This pillow is designed for you to be able to tandem nurse your multiples throughout the day and night without assistance. I was determined to breastfeed my babies. When they were tiny newborns just home from the NICU, I could actually balance two at a time on a Boppy pillow! However, my husband had to hand one baby to me at a time, and I had to use both arms to make sure they were safe. Breastfeeding was all I did! Luckily, my La Leche League Leader gave me an EZ-2-Nurse double nursing pillow! This is the only pillow to comfortably nurse one or two babies at a time. You can use it for bottle-feeding too! New Fabrics! Lavender Minky Dots. Also available in Chocolate Mocha, and Sage Green.

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