• Le Paludier Guerande Guerande Fleur de Sel in Clear Bag, 8.8 oz

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    Le Paludier is located in romantic Batz Sur Mer, France and produces the famous Fleur de Sel de Guerande. Known as the caviar of salts, the delicate and subtle taste of their Fleur de Sel serves as a wonderful complement to any meal. This traditional French delicacy is harvested by hand off the coast of Brittany and dried and baked naturally by the sun.

    Fleur de Sel is a hand-harvested sea salt collected by workers who scrape only the top layer of salt--the moist, flaky, and textured kernels--that forms on the top of the salt beds.

    Rich in trace elements, the taste of Fleur de Sel is the complex balance of the sea and her minerals with small flaky crystals, a moist texture and slightly grey/pink cast.

    This delicate salt is comprised of larger kernels with more mineral complexity than table salt. It is used generally to finish a dish, as a condiment, rather than a spice. Sprinkle this on fresh salads, eggs, or other cooked dishes to add flavor and texture! Fleur de Sel de Guerande will delight the palate and serve as a welcome addition to any dish.

    Each clear bag contains 8.8 oz of Guerande Fleur de Sel by Le Paludier.

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