• Leachco Organic Easy Teether - Crib Rail Cover - Ivory


  • $15.95

  • Description

    Leachco Easy Teether - Crib Rail Cover - Ask any infant, and he will tell you there's just nothing better than a good crib rail for some "down home" teething. Our Easy Teether Crib Rail Cover not only protects a seasoned teether from splinters, cracks, and paint chips, but also keeps all his/her favorite teething and chew toys at an easy-to-reach level. Specially placed tabs make it fun and stimulating to have baby's most preferred teething items all along the rail. As baby grows and teething needs change, just snap in a new and different teether or toy. The Easy Teether stimulates baby by giving the crib a new different look. Now in 100% Organic Cotton.

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