• LED Gooseneck light with BNC connector 18 inch


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  • Description

    Littlite LED Gooseneck with BNC connector. Mounts directly to most mixing and DJ rigs.

    21ST Century LED Technology implemented in a thoughtful manner brings new advantages to the Littlite. Long life, shock and vibration resistant along with cool operation make the Littlite LED the perfect choice for many applications.

    Even illumination over a wide area . . . specifically designed to evenly illuminate consoles and control panels. Some LED lights produce a very bright spot of light, but this is useless for illuminating a broad work space. This is not the case with the Littlite LED.

    Excellent color rendering through the addition of red LEDs to the usual white LED light sources. White LEDs are actually blue LEDs with a phosphor added to convert some of the blue light to yellow. This mixture of blue and yellow light appears white to the eye but appears very cold, or bluish. Red objects appear brown and dull because there is no red light for them to reflect. The added red light from the Littlite LED warms the character of the light and allows the eye to see reds as they are, vibrant and not washed out.

    Switchable red only output (Lampsets only) the Littlite LED can become a red light for unobtrusive use with no impact on the user s night vision, or a white source with good color rendering. Littlite LED products employ two white and three red LEDs to give you the best display of usable white light in a compact package.


    Low power Approximately 100 milliamps at 12 volts drives the Littlite LED to full output.
    Efficient most of the power used by the Littlite LED is delivered to the LEDs . . . not a resistor.
    Long life Over-driving seriously reduces the life of white LEDs. The LEDs in the Littlite LED are not overdriven an

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