• LED Technologies Deep Penetrating Serum, 1.0 fl. oz.

    LED Technologies

  • $7.50

  • Description

    Peptides have the ability to send messages and unlock the codes to a variety of skin processes, meaning a small dose of a peptide would offer a potentially dramatic impact on our skin's biological activity.  
    The scientific community has been researching peptides for close to 50 years, while the cosmetics industry began focusing on these tiny building blocks of protein about a decade ago with the belief that these cell messengers would offer a wide range of promising applications.  
    Peptides are showing promise in a variety of applications including collagen stimulation, anti-inflammation, skin brightening, muscle relaxation and even eyelash enhancement.  So, by combining DPL® Therapy with special Peptide preparations you could dramatically enhance wrinkle reduction and exceptionally improve overall skin tone.

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