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    Leroux Regular Instant Chicory
    Instant Chicory Beverage in Glass Jar Net 3.5oz/100g
    Leroux Regular Instant Chicory - Instant chicory is used, in particular: for hot or cold drinks, prepared with milk or water, pure or mixed with coffee, cereal extracts. The ideal format for dry mixing with your own "ready to serve" creations, instant powder blends perfectly with your other ingredients (hot chocolate, coffee...). Depending on how you dose it, chicory can offer your drinks a full-bodied flavor.
    Chicory root is essentially grown in northern France: chicory fields are located around the towns of Calais, Dunkirk and Saint-Omer.
    Leroux Instant Chicory is 100% natural, rich in fibers and caffeine free.
    Directions: Put three teaspoons into a cup. Add hot but not boiling water or milk (about 240ml/8 fl oz) and stir.
    Ingredients:  100% Instant Chicory

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