• Let There Be Light by Darius Dinshah, S-C N. (Tenth Edition) [hardcover]

    Abundant Health

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  • Description

    This slim volume contains a history including the origins of Spectro-Chrome, its early adoption by a number of courageous physicians and their success in applying it, and its subsequent persecution and virtual elimination by the AMA.
    Additionally, the volume contains enough information for the reader to acquire the inexpensive materials and test the effectiveness of the technique for him or herself.
    Spectro-Chrome involves shining light of specific colors on specific portions of the body in order to heal the disorder. It is non-invasive. If attention is paid to the results of the treatment so that errors (if any) can be corrected, it should be safe.
    As we are finding the limits of the pharmaceutical approach for the treatment of disease, this addition to a family's personal medical arsenal seems warranted.

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