• Libbey Belgian Beer Glass - 16 oz

    Libbey/Samar Distributers

  • $13.99

  • Description

    The right glass can easily transform your beer drinking experience for the better. Don't believe us? Take the Libbey Belgian Beer Glass for a spin and see for yourself! This elegant 16-ounce glass deserves a place of honor in any beer lover's glassware cabinet. It features a rounded bowl that you'll cup with your hand to gently warm your potent, complex brews. The tapered opening naturally funnels the enticing aromas to your nose, so you're left with a full sensory experience that will leave your whole head happy! Premium craft beer from the bottle is fine. But why stop there? Show your beer the love it truly deserves by using the Libbey Belgian Beer Glass for your perfect pour! In stock and ready to ship. Features: Made of glass. Rounded bowl allows for subtle warming of the beer via heat transfer from the hand. Inward tapering top enhances aromas, improving the tasting experience. Specs: Dimensions: 6"H. Capacity: 16 oz.

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