• Libbey Swerve 4-Piece Martini Set

    Libbey/Samar Distributers

  • $19.99

  • Description

    While the martini conjures up a certain panache and sophistication, there's no reason sipping one should be a serious affair. Libbey adds a touch of fun to the cocktail hour with this set of four Swerve martini glasses. The stem on each not only curves stylishly but attaches unexpectedly to the side, not the bottom, of the flared bowl. Each 6-3/8-by-4-3/4-inch glass holds more than six ounces when filled to the rim, but four ounces comfortably without spilling.   Originally established as the New England Glass Company in 1818, Libbey, Inc. has continuously produced glassware for more than 180 years and pioneered the world's first machine-made glass stemware. While dishwasher-safe, the martini glasses are best washed by hand in moderately hot, soapy water and allowed to air dry.  --Ann Bieri 
           Swerve Martini Glasses will thrill everyone who gets to drink out of them. They are a fun stem that swerves out to the side. It is a fun novelty glass for Martinis and other contemporary drinks .

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