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    Jonathan Wright, MD, introduces ThyroPlex for Women. ThyroPlex contains glandular thyroid, adrenal, hypothalamus, pituitary and testicular or ovary tissue. Principal ingredients are derived from New Zealand livestock.
    What's the lowdown on low-dose thyroid? According to a study conducted by James Isaacs, the pioneering cardiovascular surgeon in Baltimore, people who took 1/4 grain of thyroid over a period of 10 years had a significant improvement in cardiovascular function. (One serving of ThyroPlex contains the equivalent of 1/4 grain thyroid.)
    Who Should Use ThyroPlex? As per Dr. Wright, this product is for you if you have no overt endocrine disease and are over 40 (because this is when it's known that all the endocrine glands are going to slow down).
    ThyroPlexTM is a glandular dietary supplement designed to help maintain and restore endocrine function, the loss of which is age related.

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