• LifeLink Prodigy No-Monthly-Fee Medical Emergency Alert System

    Matrix Interactive LLC

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    Prodigy is a full-featured system - not a simple communication device like Freedom Alert. You can see why LifeLink is the pioneer in the no-fee medical alert system since 2003. As such, thousands of hours of feedback from our senior customers has gone into the design of LifeLink Prodigy! Additional features:

    • Full pendant water resistance. Freedom Alert strongly discourages getting their pendant wet (and is why we often get former Freedom Alert customers who returned due to lack of water resistance).

    • Allows for your own recorded message. So, if you can't speak, the message lets them know you need medical help. If you can't speak with Freedom Alert, 911 will send a police crew which won't be of any help.

    • Has a siren to summon local help immediately. Freedom Alert doesn't. Siren volume is adjustable too, or it can be disable altogether.

    • Line-seize technology is used to ensure a successful emergency call, even if the phone is accidentally left off-hook. Freedom Alert can't do this.

    • While Prodigy will go through your call list, if a situation is deemed particularly life-threatening, you can press the panic button 3 or more times to go directly to 911. Freedom Alert doesn't have this function.

    • Emergency button is easy to press but recessed to ensure that the system cannot be accidentally activated. Freedom Alert forces the elderly user to remember to press-and-hold the button to trigger things.

    • Automatic test call feature can be set up so that you don't have to remember to test

    • Voice-prompts make setup easy -- two steps are required for setup

    • You can remotely set the system up or check status

    • See our Videos page at "www.CallForAssistance.com/videos" for Setup, Water Resistance, Reliability features, and more!

    For a full list of Prodigy features visit "www.CallForAssistance.com/features"

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