• Light Deck Rigging Kit


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    SUPThings Super Suction Light Deck Rigging Kit for Stand Up Paddleboards: 6 point This deck rigging has 6 smaller suction cups. This allows you to place them on smaller side rail areas. Adding two more suction cups allows for better hold with more cross points on the gear. Check out the pictures of how much it can hold. Kit includes 6 smaller suction cups, bungee and tightening system. SupThings light deck rigging kit for standup paddleboards, brought to you by SUPthings! So you bought a sick board that came equipped with some fairly large deck padding. You want to carry your life jacket or other stuff on the paddleboard but you can't because it won't stay where you put it! All those rollers knocking everything off?! We don't like reminding you of that, but we want you to know that we are a little sympathetic. That's why we developed our light suction 6 point rigging kit. It has the same quality and durability as our other products and holds some pretty serious stuff ...like your paddles, dry bags, tackle box, life vest. We use SUPer strong suction cups that are the perfect size to fit on the outside of your deck padding. You can even use it on the front of the board too! Now you can distribute weight evenly and store everything right underneath, directly behind, or in front of you for easy access. We guarantee you will love it!

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