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    Notify drivers and other cyclists of your presence from up to 1 mile away with the Planet Bike Superflash taillight and Blaze headlight set. Equipped with a half-watt Blaze LED light for the front and a combo LED set for the back, the set provides wide visibility in both flashing and steady modes, depending on your preference. In addition, the rear Superflash light--which includes three half-watt Blaze LEDs and 2 eXtreme LEDs--clips to just about anything, with bike mounts and a clip mount to get you started. As a result, you have no excuse to see poorly or go unseen while riding. Each of the two lights runs for up to 100 hours per battery set (2 AAs for the Blaze and 2 AAAs for the Superflash, included) and is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.    About Planet Bike  Planet Bike was founded in Madison, Wisconsin, in November of 1996. In many ways, Planet Bike began as a social experiment first and foremost, with a dedication to doing business in a different way. Instead of being just another company that develops and sells products with profit as its end goal, Planet Bike wanted to help bring about positive change for people, their communities, and the environment.   The people at Planet Bike have always believed that the bicycle has great potential to help improve the world and the lives of the people in it. From the start, they have embraced an alternative corporate purpose that seeks to help get more people on bicycles by making communities friendlier places for the self-propelled. By donating 25 percent of company's profits to causes that promote and facilitate bicycle usage, Planet Bike hopes to make an impact.   Social experiments aside, Planet Bike was born from the heart of a cyclist with a goal of making innovative, high quality, and practical bicycle accessories. Simply put, the company strives to design and develop the best bicycle products in the world. In the company's short 10-year history, it has made a number of important product innovations within the bicycle industry. Advancements include the four-line computer, which is now a standard in the industry, and the world's first self-contained HID light. Not bad for a company that started as a one-man operation more than a decade ago. While still a small company, Planet Bike continues to evolve and improve its product line with the goal of always striving to build accessories that make it easier for people to ride their bikes. Since 1996, Planet Bike's financial support of the grassroots bicycle movement has totaled $500,000. By 2010, Planet Bike has made a goal to donate $1 million to organizations that are dedicated to making America a friendlier place for cyclists. 
           Blaze features Nichia's 1/2-watt Blaze LED is many times brighter than a standard white LED. Up to 100 hours of run time on 2 AA batteries (included). Super flash features, 1/2-Watt Blaze LED plus 2 extreme LED's for visibility up to 1 mile. Unique, eye-catching flash pattern, up to 100 hours of run time on 2 AAA batteries (included).

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