• Lights along the Path: Jewish Folklore Through The Grades

    Steiner Books

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    A unique graded collection of thirty-eight stories drawn from ancient Jewish Talmudic and Midrash sources, retold for children ages four to twelve. The stories range from the familiar to the obscure, and have been selected and arranged from the standpoint of child development along Waldorf education guidelines. Beautiful illustrations and sidebar "tidbits" containing interesting historical and cultural detail enhance each tale. Setting the collection of stories in a cultural context, the book opens with an introductory chapter on the history of Jewish folklore. The second chapter describes the type of literature appropriate for each grade level from an educational and developmental point of view. The book is enhanced with a glossary, an index, and selected bibliography. The collection of stories is divided into three separate color sections: Kindergarten: for ages four to six, First to Third Grades: for ages six to eight, and Fourth to Six Grades: for ages nine to twelve.

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