• Like Minds

    Pressman Toy Corp

  • $15.99

  • Description

    The outrageous game for players who think alike.  Would you write down the same things as your partner when asked to make a list of lollipop flavors, things in a bowling alley, or Jim Carrey movies?  Players pair up, and write their answers in hopes of matching them with their teammates'.  The more matches you make, the quicker you'll get to Brain Central - and win the game!  Packed with a variety of categories suited for both men and women, you'll make lists about movies, TV, common knowledge, current events, sports, music, geography, and more.  It even comes with a little brain!  For 4 or More Players.  Comes with Game board, 35 game cards with 420 categories, 4 folders, dice, dice cup, brain, movers, label sheet, writing pads, and game instructions.

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