• Limited Edition Scuba Blue Kitty-Cat Clock - Made by Kit-Cat Klock® 3/4 Size Authentic

    California Clock Company

  • $49.99

  • Description

    Kitty-Cat burst onto the scene bringing great joy to the Kit-Cat family as their very first baby. Limited Edition Scuba Blue Kitty-Cat (KC-5) is a playful and carefree new edition to the Kit-Cat family. Scuba Blue is a new color, soft but vibrant shade reminiscent of a tropical ocean. 

    Built to the same exacting standards and design as the original Kit-Cat Clock, at 3/4th scale. His smaller stature makes him perfect for apartments, playrooms, offices, and cubicles. Put the finishing touch on a retro interior or get your child started on telling time.

    At ¾s the Original size, Kitty-Cats stand 12.75" tall, head to tail. His rolling eyes, wagging tail, and contagious smile are sure to bring joy, laughter, and memories to any room. Kit-Cat Klocks® have been made in America exclusively by the California Clock Company since 1932.

    Kitty-Cat clocks brighten your day with their infectious smile and optimistic energy.

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