• Linange Shea Butter Texturizer 16oz

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    Linange Shea Butter Texturizer 
    GB Use only as directed. Wear rubber gloves throughout treatment. 
    1. Do not shampoo or wet hair prior to treatment. Use a timer from start of application. Typical time requirements for Normal hair is 12-16 minutes. Resistant hair 18-20 minutes. 
    2. Apply texturizer to new growth area(s) in small sections. 
    3. Smooth product in same area in which you started application, following the same directions as step 2. 
    4. When desired relaxtion is is achieved, rinse throughly with luke warm water. Continue rinsing until relaxer is completely removed from hair. 
    5. Apply Neutralizing Conditioner for 2 minutes without massaging into hair and rinse out thoroughly. 
    6. Apply Linange Hair Mask. 
    7. Style as desired. 
    SIZE : 15.0 oz / 443.6 ml

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