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    Let your lips speak volumes!  4VOO Lip Maximizing Serum restores collagen, hydrates, plumps, smoothes, and conditions your lips to make them sinfully desirable.  4VOO Lip Maximizing Serum is a luxurious lip enhancer for men.  It boosts the natural beauty of your lips by making them fuller, smoother and more sensuous.  

    4VOO Lip Maximizing Serum contains MAXI-LIP â€" a top-line ingredient in lip care that stimulates collagen and hyaluronic acid synthesis to moisturize and create plump, smooth lips; has incredible restructuring properties that make your lips look fuller and the outline visibly clearer; counters the natural shrinking of our lips that occurs with age; conditions your lips to make them sinfully desirable.

    4VOO Lip Maximizer comes in a new, luxurious upscale applicator. The metal click-pen is discreet and easy to carry wherever you go. And the brush applicator makes it simple to apply. 4VOO Lip Enhancer has an enticing french vanilla flavor. This men's cosmetics product contains 5 botanical extracts, essential oils, vitamins, minerals, and substances derived from natural sources. Itâ€TMs never been easier to have full, defined and sensual lips!

    Research studies have described the incredible results of using 4VOO Lip Maximizing Serum:
    • 3-D analysis revealed an up to 40% increase in lip volume.
    • 29% reduction of surface folds and 60% improvement in hydration, as scored by a dermatologist
    • self-evaluation revealed that 70% of users felt it had a protective effect, provided increased lip softness and cutaneous comfort.
    • and all were 100% satisfied that their lip condition was improved!

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