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    The Pro-Ice low back ice wrap provides full compression, therapeutic cold therapy and support to help with the relief of pain, spasm and swelling in lower back. Ice therapy may help relieve back spasms, pain from acute strains or sprains, and helps decrease inflammation after acute injury or surgery. Ice Therapy is indicated for Lumbar disc pain, Sciatica, neuropathy and other similar conditions. 

    The PI700, Pro-Ice Lower back ice wrap is extremely well made with quality fabrics and is durable enough for years of use. To use the Lumbar ice wrap, remove the frozen ice inserts from the freezer at home or from the portable Pro-Ice cooler bag, and place them into the nylon pouches inside the wrap. Apply the wrap to the lower back tighten the adjustable compression straps to your comfort.

    Pro-Ice delivers Therapeutic cold therapy better than any other wrap on the market because it stays colder, longer, doesn't require messy crushed ice and never melts to leave condensation on the body or on the court. The wrap is comfortable to wear and convenient for instant ice application when you need it. The PI700 low back ice wrap fits waists between 26-33".

    Note: The inserts are filled with a non-toxic, non-hazardous, food grade material with the same characteristics of water. Inserts will freeze at 27 degrees and with stay frozen longer than ice. When not in use inserts may be stored in the freezer (flat) or outside of the freezer (flat) in a cool & dry location.

    If you need additional or replacement ice inserts for the PI700 Lower Back Ice Wrap, add model PI701 to your cart.

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