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    This is a high quality Bento lunch Box Set. The bento box is well designed, great for kids, adults, and seniors. This set includes 2 bento lunch boxes (Total of 940 ml), 1 bento lunch bag, 1 spoon, 1 fork, and 1 water bottle. The bento box features silicone air tight clasps to keep the bento perfectly close and keep food fresh. It also comes with the bento divider to create the portions of your food. The bento box is microwave safe. This set also includes an elegant, sturdy insulated bento bag that help keep temperature of your food longer, making a great meal for you and your family. All items in this set fit in the bag perfectly and securely.
    Bento Lunch Box Feature
    - Durable and Sturdy high quality plastic bento lunch box
    - Each box has 6 locks to secure the storage
    - Easy to Use with full perimeter locking action, which is very quick and easy, even for kids to seniors (5-75 years old)
    - Absolutely air tight with Silicone feature
    - Liquid Tight
    - Stackable
    - Perfect Seal (the precious food you keep inside will remain fresher a lot longer)
    - Freezer Safe
    - Microwave Safe for reheating purpose It is microwavable straight from the freezer.
    - Dishwasher Safe
    - Built-in Food Divider in one bento box
    - Made in Korea
    Bento Lunch Bag Feature
    - Thermal Lunch Bag (with insulation) helps keep temperature, warm or cool, for longer
    - Sturdy 
    - Built-in Holder, easy to carry
    - Elegant
    - Easy to use with 2 Zippers design
    - Built-in Chopsticks Storage Space on the top
    - All items in this set fit in the bag perfectly and securely
    Water Bottle Feature
    - BPA Free
    - 300 ml or 10 oz
    - Lid can be used as a cup for drinking
    - Slim water bottle, for easy storage in bento bag and carrying around.
    - This bottle can be kept in the bento bag, together with other items in this set, no separate bag needed
    - Made in Korea

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