• Lunchopolis - Brown (w/BPA-free containers)

    New Wave Enviro

  • $29.95

  • Description

    The Tinted Stainless Safe Stainless Food Containers are the perfect alternative to plastic and disposable bags. Both healthy(no plastic leaching) and helps eliminate the 3.5 billion pounds of Lunchbox garbage every year, the Tinted Food Containers with Dividers allow you to pack perfect portions of your Litter Free Lunch! Different tints (Summer, Water, and Earth) gives your container personality and makes them a perfect fit for all of your family members. Dividers are great for separating your snacks...even though your peas and carrots might not be too happy about it! In all Tinted Seriously Safe Stainless Food Container with Dividers gives you everything you need to pack a safe, healthy lunch every day without contributing to our already overflowing landfills!

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