• Madagascar Bourbon - Bean Paste - 32oz Qts

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    Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Bean Paste is made by combining our famous Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract with vanilla pod seeds in a slightly viscous base.This product is Kosher and Gluten-Free Certified as well as All-Natural and Allergen-Free.Pure Vanilla Bean Paste can be used measure-for-measure the same as Pure Vanilla Extract or to replace whole vanilla beans in recipes. Use it when you want your recipe to have the added visual flair of actual vanilla seeds, such as with crème brûlée and ice cream.
    To cook a vanilla bean,split the bean lengthwise with a sharp knife, scrape out the dark, pulpy seeds, add both the bean and seeds to a warm liquid base, such as a sauce or cream, and steep. By steeping, you'll best be able to pull out the full flavor. You can also put the whole bean in the liquid without scraping out the seeds. In this case, remove the bean when you're done. Rinse it. Dry it, and save to use again. The bean can be used as long as it has its strong characteristic aroma and is moist and pliable. Once the bean becomes dry and brittle or "aromaless", you should replace it with a new one.The vanilla bean paste has delicious flavor in its own right and vanilla is a very effective flavor enhancer. Used in small amounts, vanilla will intensify chocolate, coffee and nut flavors as well as just about any fruit. And that's just the sweet stuff. Because it mellows the acidic bite of tomatoes and the spicy kick of hot chilis, we like to add vanilla to BBQ sauce, salsa, chili and Italian tomato sauce. Of course, the actual flavor of vanilla has its own place in savory dishes. Think pork roasts, duck breasts and soups. In fact, chefs love to use our vanilla as a pairing with rich seafood ingredients, like lobster and king crab.The vanilla bean paste can be used in appetizers,baked goods,desserts,drinks,breakfasts,soups,salad and many more.

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